So I first got involved with graffiti when I was a kid on a bicycle . Growing up in a city with heavy gang violence I learned a few tricks to survival and who to stay away from. I used to ride around and write on things with a marker. It was fun and I enjoyed riding around looking at what I wrote on and all the places I have been . It was a sense of comfort. A childhood friend by the name of “ faze “ influenced me, I heard of him and knew he did graffiti. He also rode bmx and skated so we clicked. We fucked some shit up and we used to fuck around and get on top of buildings and paint the roof tops. From the start we did everything from marker tags, stickers, trains, rooftops, semis; we wanted to be seen on everything. Let me remind you we did not have internet and there were no older or og writers in our City. As gentrification entered our area, we went in those buildings and came up on a ton of materials to support our graff habit. In our city, Faze and I were the first to hit most spots people repeatedly hit, even today.

How did you get the name “NAS” or “NASTY”?

I had my name Nas since day one. I was a toy and thought it would be cool to write NOS but O’s sucked so I changed it quick to the letter A. Then I would call my self nasty, naste, or nasty nas.

What crew(s) do you rep?

I rep a few crews. NME a Midwest crew and TKO. NME is on no relation to any of the other NME crews unless it is from the Midwest. I believe we have been writing that crew as long as the other branches I have seen writing that. It stands for many things but we like to say Nebraska’s Most Elite. I also write TKO, and was put on by Boke or Boker a late homie from St. Louis also the Midwest.

When would you say you started expanding the limits to what you could paint on a train car?

I am well known for painting the whole side of train cars. I feel the rate of fr8 graffiti is increasing so fast, especially compared to back when I first started. I could barely bench a line... with even a small tag on it. Now people are going over each other repeatedly. I feel whole cars are they way to go you need to own the car when you paint it. As for painting over people, it’s disrespectful to paint over dead people but I feel if a panel is more than 4 years old and you can burn it. Cap that shit! We do not own the car itself so you need to stay active and keep yourself up.

When I expanded the limits on what I could paint on a freight is when I created the first “Entire car." This is not a whole car but the entire fucking car! I just felt like "hell, no one did it and why not." This is probably the most memorable freight I did. When I went to go get day pictures, I stood on top of a hill just staring at all of the color on it from afar picturing someone else catching it as it passes, someone catching this from a bridge, or even a train worker from a yard tower. It was a lot of work. I used a house paint sprayer and a dumped about 10 gallons of paint onto coating this beast. Not to mention there was about a trash can load worth of paint I emptied on it for the letters and characters. It's a huge haul to get all of this paint and equipment down to our yard where this took place at.

Do you have a gnarly story about painting illegally?

So as far as graffiti chase stories I have ran many times, but I frown more upon as a criminal youth. The graff chases don’t compare to any other stories. Getting chased for graffiti ain’t shit. If you are patient and watch how you enter a place you paint, 99% of the time you will get away with it. This can all get prevented by putting in work scoping the spot and not being seen by anyone entering your spot. If someone sees you... don’t do it , don’t do it for the sake of people after you trying also paint. Be smart not a lame toy.

What pushes you to keep painting illegally?

I mainly paint illegals because you have a limit of time to do what you need to do. Graffiti as an art is amazing after seeing what people have accomplished. I respect more illegal work as I know they only spent a short amount of time on their work on a certain area. Any one can present a magnificent piece of work if they had unlimited time. Therefore, I favor more illegal work such as street painting and freight painting.

Where do you see yourself and your graff in the next few years?

Hmmmmm I hope I am fucking dead and I hope all of you dicks don’t post lame pics of me and my face. When this happens don’t tell anyone I passed and go on with your life. Until then I would like to keep painting trains and keeping people out of my yard. Stop dropping your trash all over my yard because I actually keep the spot clean and I’m quick to call you out on the shit.

Quick-Fire Questions:

Rusto or fancy paint?

Rusto. I love Rusto. I wish it was the only paint around because then half of all writers would quit painting because they wouldn’t know what to do. Especially when they paint a freight with ridges.(hahahah)

The oldest car you have painted that you can remember?

I painted some wooden ass passenger car sitting in the next state over. Little did I know, it traveled to a rail road museum and now is on display. I am hyped on that.

Do you like the Midwest?

I love the Midwest - I feel we are cool ass breed of writers. We go thru winters and switch our styles and letters up. I see more non Midwest writers painting the same exact letters for 20+ years, in the Midwest we joke and make fun of each other on us paining the same piece from last year. I feel non-Midwest writers been painting the same shit because they never reach a time to paint, such as negative temp. They paint per new color scheme not per new sketch, style, or piece.

Top 3 upcoming writers in your city?

Hard question. I would give it to one person - BASH.

Weirdest thing you have painted?

A legal wall , I fucking hate legal walls. Everyone shows up with their low pressure paint toying up the game . I swear people just show up to events to say “that is so and so." or "I have always wondered what he looked like.“ Then ask you what paint you like to spray with. I mean there are only so many types of paint dude so we probably use the same shit. Another scenario is someone ask you if you have tried a certain type of tip ???? I hope graffiti doesn’t come to this and more people remain anonymous and just put up their name. Graffiti is better when you are unknown.