1 Year with Shark's Surf X Suppy

Excited to say we've been working with Shark’s Surf shop in Lawrence, KS for ONE year now! Can’t be more thankful than to have gained the exposure from having the brand in the store and meeting such cool people in the area who support CF! It has become the hub if you want any of the new releases.

Here’s a simplified run down to how the brand got into the shop:

It took 10+ times of calling before I even could talk to the owner of Shark’s. But I finally got ahold of him, and got the ok to come and chat. Went in with samples, and walked out with the request to create a dope collab shirt to prove Clever Fools is legit. The collab sold out; then Steve, the owner, approved CF for the shelves. Now that I look back, it was pretty dope I had to earn the privilege to be on the selves through the collab shirt! ( peep the shirt below ). Clever Fools is now worn by many people who are locals to LFK ( Lawrence Fucking Kansas) and tourists who stop in to visit the college students who attend Kansas University…Rock Chalk!

The new collection in Sharks features a Champion Hoodie and Crewneck, and 4 styles of t-shirts.

As we head into the future, we plan on linking up with other brands and creatives that share the vision of CF. The ideal collaboration would be the premier skate shop of Kansas City, ESCAPIST!

Stay in touch with us on all main social media platforms! @cleverfools


Editor: Alex